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Raisa and Yuri Nanov - групповой тур: Visiting a fairy tale, написал(а) 15.10.2017 в 09:09:
We express our sincere gratitude
the entire staff of the travel agency
"Open Up Travel", which organized a fact-finding
tour of Switzerland "Visiting a fairy tale" from 30 November to
December 7, 2017.
Special thanks to our wonderful guide and translator Sergey Lukyantsev
for the love with which he communicates information to people,
concerning various spheres of life in Switzerland,
its historical material, economic component
country and just life, people living here.
I want to note not only his professionalism, but
and personal human qualities.
We got a great pleasure from the trip and will
We are pleased to meet with your company again in the future.
Thank you very much !
Sincerely, Raisa and Yuri Nanov